Qdoba Mexican Grill Introduced Mobile Rewards Program

qdoba-mobile-reward-programQdoba is a chain of restaurants that serve Mexican food and is mostly known for its burritos. Recently the company has complemented its traditional loyalty rewards program with a mobile version.

The company has selected Tetherball’s platform for their mobile rewords program and wants to further expanse their loyalty system and to offer greater convenience to the clients. Tetherball is a leading firm with great experience in mobile rewards programs.

Jay Highly, who is Tetherball’s president, explains that Qdoba’s aim is to increase the traffic to their locations and to subsequently boost their revenues by implementing new technologies that allow the company to reach their customers and to effectively communicate with them.

Qdoba first took part into a special trial program offered by Tetherball, and this helped the management of the restaurants realize that the system was really effective. Thus, Qdoba decided to work with Tetherball.

The project is very important for Qdoba because the development of their mobile loyalty program is a significant step. The company wants to continue expanding their mobile presence.

Thanks to the special mobile platform of Tetherball that has text messages Qdoba can communicate with their clients in real time. The performance of the program is continuously monitored and analyzed via an analytics platform.

During the recent years more companies start realizing the power and numerous possibilities brought by their mobile presence.

The great acceptance of the mobile loyalty program was observed at the kick-off of the system during a market festival in Indianapolis where 20% of the visitors tried the program.

To join the mobile system, clients should send a text message containing “BURRITO” to 474992.

Clients can find additional information about the system in all Qdoba nutrition locations. The company has planned numerous activities to promote the new mobile rewards system. It has been testing the response of the clients by providing various offers.

The great aim of Qdoba is reach their client in a new and more intimate way and this is now achieved thanks to the program developed by Tetherball.

This way Qdoba is included in the decision-making process of clients at critical times when they choose where to eat. The mobile loyalty system allows Qdoba to constantly engage their target clients under 40 years of age through their mobile devices.

You don’t need to download any software to use the program. The platform can work on any mobiles phones.

According to Tetherball their clients that have implemented their rewards systems have experienced redemption rates of up to 24% on initial offers and rates of up to 10% on following offers. These results are much better than the redemption rates of 2% achieved by online and paper coupons.

Qdoba faced the great challenge to remind clients they have amazing options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The competition in the industry is really great and the challenge was serious.

Another priority of Qdoba was to ensure their clients are informed about the locations of the restaurants. Even though the brand enjoys high recognition, many clients don’t know that there is a Qdoba location near them.

The mobile loyalty program developed by Tetherball helped Qdoba boost the awareness about their locations and their brand.

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